The project includes the following organizations:

  • National Technical University of Athens (NTUA): The Working Group of National Technical University of Athens consists of researchers from the Unit of Environmental Science and Technology School of Chemical Engineering. The NTUA is the project coordinator.
  • EPTA Consulting Engineers Planners: EPTA, as a company specialized in waste management is the technical consultant of the project.
  • City of Athens: The City of Athens is the most populous municipality in Greece with 789,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​3.795 ha.
  • Municipality of Kifissia: The Municipality of Kifissia, located north of Athens with a population of 64,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​3.403 ha.
  • Association of Municipalities and Communities of Attica (ESDKNA): The ESDKNA is the Solid Waste Management Authority for all the municipalities of the region. EDSNA is the Association of communities in the Athens region and according to Kallikratis Plan is total successor of ESDKNA. Being the Solid Waste Management Authority of Athens EDSNA is responsible for implementing solid waste management planning and infrastructure such as the MBT of Ano Liossia, restorations of old landfill sites, construction of new landfills, waste transfer stations etc. During its 30 years of its operation EDSNA has succeeded in a significant progress. It has implemented and keeps implementing important and complex high technology projects. It has also introduced innovative methods and practices in Greece. The truly high value role of EDSNA is reflected not only on its good relations with local authorities but the citizens too. EDSNA expresses and promotes with consistency an active and environmentally sound social awareness which is the forefront of local authority on environmental issues and solid waste management.

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