Action 6: National bio-waste plan and recommendations

  • Activity 6 (a) Instructions on biowaste management for the local authorities
  • Activity 6 (b): Technical specifications and regulations proposals

The goal of the sixth action is to summarize the results of all previous actions in order to create a guide for local authorities on sustainable management of biowaste through separation at source. Among other things, the guide will include information on (i) the capacity of biowaste collection, (ii) the types of collection bins in relation to the characteristics of the region, (iii) the shaping of the awareness campaign, (vi) the frequency of collection of biowaste ( v) the management costs, (iv) the distribution of the final product, etc.
Moreover, the sixth action plan includes the putting forward of proposals to revise / modify the existing technical standards and regulations of the current Greek legislation dating from 1997 (JMD 114218/1997 Set up of standards framework and general solid waste management programs).



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