Action 4: Composting of the collected material and analysis of the final product

  • Activity 4 (a): Design and implementation of the process of composting
  • Activity 4 (b): Laboratory analysis of the produced compost
  • Activity 4 (c): Development of software to link the quality of compost to the collection and processing of biowaste

The aim of the fourth action is to process the collected biowaste from 2 municipalities using the composting unit of the Mechanical and Biological Treatment Plant (EMAK) of ESDKNA to produce high quality compost. Furthermore, to evaluate the final product, a series of laboratory tests to characterize
quality of the produced compost (containing impurities plastics, metals, etc., pH, heavymetals, pathogens) will be carried out and appropriate software will be developed to correlate the quality of compost to the collection and processing of biowaste.



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