Action 2: Planning of a separate collection pilot system in the region of Athens

  • Activity 2 (a): Review and evaluation systems for biowaste separation at source
  • Activity 2 (b): Identification and description of selected areas in the municipalities of Athens and Kifissia
  • Activity 2 (c) Selection and design of system for separation in the selected areas
  • Activity 2 (d): Planning Campaign

The goals of the second action are: (a) the identification of areas, both in the Municipality of Athens and in the Municipality of Kifissia, where the biowaste separation at source system will be implemented and (b) the design of the pilot separation system. The choice of the areas in which program will be implemented based on characteristics and parameters, such as infrastructure, city planning, population density, transportation costs, income, etc. The two regions have different characteristics in order to assess whether these characteristics affect both implementation and results of the biowaste separation at source program. For the selection and design of the separation system (eg placement of bins, collection routes and frequency of collection) the most appropriate methods for separation of biowaste and local conditions of the selected areas will be taken into consideration.
An essential prerequisite for the successful design of a system of separation at source is the information of all relevant stakeholders, therefore this project action will organise public awareness campaign aimed at increasing the active participation of residents in the biowaste separation at source program.



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