Pilot program

With the launch of the program, small bins for the sorting of food leftovers in the kitchen will be distributed to residents and restaurants’/cafeterias’ owners of the pilot areas. The size of the bins will be 7/10 lt for households and 30/50 lt for cafes and restaurants. These bins will be placed on the kitchen counter or beside the waste bin.

In addition to the bins, biodegradable bags will be provided exclusively for this purpose.

The bags will be placed into the kitchen bins and will be filled with food remains. When full, they have to be placed into special, brown bins which will be installed in the street, next to the existing waste bins.

The biowaste material will be collected from the bins by a special garbage truck of the Municipality and will be transported to the Mechanical Ryecycling and Composting Plant of ESDKNA in Ano Liosia for the production of high quality compost.

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