How can I participate

How can I participate
If you live in areas of Athens that will implement the pilot separation system, you should know the following:
1) The information material will be sent to you by the municipality by post.

2) If you wish to contact us with any questions or clarifications about the program, you can do it by email communications at

3) If you wish to send you informational material during the program and participate in surveys assessing the quality of service in the field of waste recycling, please fill out your contact information in the following form:

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4) A few weeks later, small special bins for the collection of food waste in your home, and biodegradable bags will be circulated.

5) Special brown containers will be installed in the streets in the vicinity of existing bins, where you will be dropping the biodegradable bags with food waste.

6) Within the bucket, you can place the following:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Residues of coffee and herbal teas (eg tea bags)
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee filters
  • Cooked food, meat, fish, bones, etc.
  • Dairy, meats

Small amounts of napkins or paper towels can be placed in the bin. Avoid coloured, laminated and shiny paper.
Also, small quantities of green waste (prunings, leaves, grass, ashes from a fireplace) will be accepted.
What to avoid:

  • Packaging (food waste should be isolated from their packaging, which can be collected and recycled in the blue bin)
  • Metal, plastic or glass material.

Do not use simple plastic bags or photodegradable / biodegradable distributed in most supermarkets (although there may be an indication that those bags are environmentally friendly), to collect food waste. During composting, the plastic does not decompose and contaminates the final product (compost). If you do not dispose of other biodegradable bags (a certain amount will be distributed along with household bins), please use paper bags (from grocers) or newspapers.

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