Use of brown bins in the Armed Forces

In the Municipality of Athens the separate collection of biowaste and their treatment by composting is expanded, involving Units of the Armed Forces!

On July 7, 2014 the sorting of biowaste began in the kitchen facilities of two (2) major military hospitals i.e.401 GNSA and Athens Hospital of the Hellenic Navy. Subsequently, on July 8, 2014 the sorting of biowaste started in the kitchen facilities of the Air Force General Staff (GEA) and the Hellenic Navy General Staff (GEN).

This means that all daily food scraps (cooked or raw) from the kitchen facilities of these units will be collected in brown bins in order to be led for composting.

The ATHENS-BIOWASTE team  aims at continuously expanding the initiative of separate collection of biowaste, while the Department of Sanitation – Recycling of Athens Municipality will seek to extend the European Programme LIFE + Athens-Biowaste in the entire municipality.

See related photos here.

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